Cairns today are descendants of working dogs in Scotland. One of the most ancient breeds, their ancesters go back centuries. They were used in the highlands to hunt otters, foxes, rabbits and rats, and on our dairy farm they kept us completely clean of rodents. These days no chipmunk is safe among my fruit bushes and strawberries!

They should weigh about fourteen pounds, males more, females less, may be any color but white, and should have an alert expression with dark eyes, shaggy brows, and prick ears. Their double coat, adaptable to any climate, is hard and rainproof, the outer layer is coarse, the undercoat is short and soft. It doesn’t shed.
They are hardy, active, and fearless and make wonderful watch dogs. These cheerful, independent, little dogs don’t admit to being small! They are affectionate, easily trained and perfect with children.
Best of all, they are adaptable and portable. Crate-trained at an early age, they love going places, and feel at home wherever we take them. This picture shows a pair of them at a farm we rented one summer in the Austrian Alps.

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